Yard Green

Community Bridge is a proud provider of YardGreen grass painting system, a natural and effective way to achieve a beautiful green lawn.

YardGreen lawn painting system instantly transforms grass into a lush green lawn and promotes healthy lawn growth. The product contains no harmful chemicals and is completely environmentally safe. YardGreen does not change the texture of grass and produces green lawns without the expensive hassle of seeding, fertilizing, or excessive watering. Each application of YardGreen lawn paint dries in about 30 minutes, lasts for approximately 3 months, and will not run or bleed.

Achieve a lush green lawn in just a few short hours with YardGreen, a service that is good for the grass and good for the environment.

YardGreen Services Offered

  • Environmentally safe
  • Naturally green year-round
  • Does not change the texture of the grass
  • Is not effected by rain or snow
  • No harmful chemicals; completely non-toxic
  • Enhances aesthetic quality of your lawn
  • Applications last for approximately 3 months
  • Depth of color can be varied, depending on preference
  • Trained technicians use edging boards to protect the home
  • Safe for pets and children