Community Outreach

Community Bridge Philanthropy and Inner City Programs

Community Bridge prides itself on being a Company “that cares” and frequently supports charities and events in the local communities. CBI is committed to strengthening our Community by volunteering at local neighborhood centers, charitable events and providing outreach for individuals in need.

Community Bridge has partnered with:

  • Concerned Black Men National Organization
  • Department of Employment Services’ On the Job Training Program
  • United Planning Organization
  • Returning Citizens / CSOSA


Community Bridge Foundation (CBF) is a non-profit entity.

The Foundation administers a “Vocational Work Program” which provides job training for persons with limited work experience or deficiencies on their employment resume. Participants of the program receive hands on training in all areas of facilities management. The program provides an arena for persons with a high propensity for a career in facilities management to practice and perfect their craft. Program participants receive routine evaluations of their job performance to document and benchmark growth. The foundation also provides empowerment seminars, financial education, entrepreneurial guidance, and social service assistance to program participants and local residents.

Additionally, Community Bridge Foundation provides custom made wigs for children and young women who have suffered hair loss as a result of cancer treatments aid them in maintain their self-esteem during a very troubling time in their lives.