Our Technology

Community Bridge is a leader in the Facility Management industry, using State of the Art Technology this allows us to, dispatch information directly to field workers and reduce response times in critical situations.

Our products offer solutions so you can distribute and manage work orders conveniently and quickly, from virtually any location.

Complete Visibility
Manage time through GPS time-stamped data. Validate employee clock in/clock out, stops, idle time and more.

Completely Automated
Clock in with forms attached and receive time and date stamped information showing current and historical GPS locations.

Efficient Time Management
With each time punch you can capture photos, signatures, data about current jobs, vehicles, inspections, and odometer readings.

Operations Made Easy
Supervisors can capture, review and modify information electronically, eliminating the clutter of paperwork.

Eliminate Paper
Convert paper forms into electronic forms which can be deployed instantly from your wireless device to the field. With the form designer you can also create customized forms.

Reduce Errors
Drop down lists, check boxes and automatic calculations allow your field workers to quickly capture information. With decision logic, your forms can be designed to guide workers through a defined workflow.

Immediate Information
Reduce trips to the office with form information readily available in the application moments after being captured. Email copies of the form complete with your company logo directly to your customers upon submission.

Signatures and Pictures
With GPS tracking you can see where every job-related activity took place. Capture signatures for proof of service or delivery. Take before and after pictures, and draw directly onto an image to identify items or communicate thoughts.

Perform quality inspections from the web or a mobile device.

Work Orders
Submit and track work orders without a paper trail.

Bidding & Estimating
Prepare more effective bids to win new business.

Job Scheduling
Improve your productivity through better scheduling and automatic reminders.

Mobile Surveys
Use QR codes to get jobs done faster and more simply.

Report Writer
Review your data to determine what you need to do differently.